So. Blogging, huh?┬áNot exactly my cup of tea, but it felt like something I should finally do. For Christmas this year… Let me rephrase: For Christmas 2016 I didn’t want anything big. Small, thoughtful things that would put a smile on my face was all I desired. My little brother went out and got me a diary, or journal, or whatever you want to call it.

To anyone else, it’s probably just a notebook with dates in it. Useful for keeping track of lectures, appointments, meeting and other events. For me, it’s a wake up call.

I am a time waster. I never do anything. I live like a ghost. I exist, but it’s like I’m barely there. If we’ve made plans, chances are I will cancel last minute, and if I don’t, well, I’ll find an excuse to escape and crawl back into bed. Sleeping is something I do well, socialising and lectures, not so much. I never make plans, and if I do, I cancel.

With this wake up call from my dear little brother, I will attempt to sleep less and study and socialise more this year, and most of all, stick to plans. I figured writing a blog would be a good way to rant and share little stories.

Here’s to a plan filled 2017!


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