In this dimension I saw you once or twice,

Related we are, but still not quite.

Heard much about you I had, there was much to be said.

Not just from your mother, but others as well.


I’m terrible at names, but you sat next to me that day,

Clothed in a cheeky smile,

You radiated great vibes that summer day.

Your very soul sang along to the melody of the waves.


Cigar resting between fingers, I watched you laugh.

I listened to you speak, and you were born with a gift.

Not everyone is bright, but you were a developing star.

Such potential you had, and where is it now?


Like the vast ocean, you were very much alive.

Never did I imagine I would be the one left here,


If anything has ever changed my views on anything, you’re it.

Many a tears I have shed.

I met you only once.

The path of destruction is clear to see.

I rage at your rashness, I rage at your success.

How could you leave, when precious things behind you left?

The ocean was never meant to be stilled.


My fury is overtaken by sorrow,

I know what life can be like.

It’s not easy facing the never ending demons of tomorrow.

My thoughts wander, and empathies takes flight.

Sometimes it’s the silence and nothingness that push you down.


Little did I know you were suffering as well.

Our first hello was our last,

There never was a farewell.

This dim light is still here, but why!? I cry and ask.

I made it here, and you did not.

I bear evidence of the fight.

My temporary solution is here to stay,

Your permanent one is too, I’m afraid…


Why, my dear, why?

Could you not have stayed?


Even at the end of the road,

When all hope is lost,

And there is no other solution.

Tomorrow always comes after dawn,

So make the most of every moment,

Will this be our New Years resolution?


~ Nommerse


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