Argh! Everyone has those moments when you just want the world to burn, but when the moment is nigh, you feel like a different person. All of a sudden you have this suppressed energy, this  supercharged magma just waiting to erupt. Energy which seems to come from nowhere, not that the laws of physics would allow it, but man, if I had the chemical recipe for anger, I would mass produce it and sell it a chemical weapon of mass destruction. Mass destruction in a 330ml can: this is the future folks… fuel your car with bio-fuel! A can will let you travel 350 kilometres! Sign me up.

Wait. What was that about feeling like a different person?

You think you can control anger? Think again. Your anger fuels you. Anyone seen Studio Ghibli’s “Howl’s Moving Castle.” If not, there is a character called Calcifer. Calcifer is a fallen star who has it’s owners heart. Calcifer takes the form of a very cute, sarcastic flame. Now, imagine Calcifer, on a really, really bad day. like the worst day of his life. That is anger. Now imagine if you put this raging Calcifer in a can and tried to fuel your car with it. Yes… My bets are on your car exploding, or if Calcifer was particularly hungry, maybe he’d just eat your Volvo… Nothing quite like old Volvo’s. Great tasting cars. Ah, man, that is some beautiful imagery right there. Anyway, the point is, when Calcifer gets you, you loose control. As much as I want a certain building to burn, nothing good would come out of it. Nothing good ever comes out of acting out of anger.

Where did the rage come from anyway? Last time I checked my emotometer (emotional meter… get it? Yes, I’m hilarious…) was on stressed. Actually, make that stressed, a touch of blue, lots of work to do, insecure, family tension, panicked about labs and Uni outside activities, and just fill the rest of the meter up with some more blue. Maybe I wasn’t in the best of moods prior the anger… A lot of the time anger isn’t an instantaneous process, it builds up and grows over time. The volcano may have erupted due to something small, but that wasn’t the problem. The problem are those small things that live at the back of your head. Insecurities, stress, worry, tension. All considered to be small things, but put them in a pot and use the wrong seasoning, BOOM! Recipe for anger achieved.

Maybe the best solution would be to solve all the little things. It seems like a bad idea to let them grow out of control. It’s the precious diamonds you want to store at the back of your mind, not anger inducing junk. Those can go in the “Deal with Immediately Emergency Pile.” Solve the small things, go for a walk and enjoy the sunny roller-coaster that is life.

All the best I wish unto you.


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