A one way ticket to dust.

A long, straight road with a final destination.

Close your eyes and imagine.

Do you see there far in the distance?

What you have always dreamt of?

Goals and desires. Success. Happiness.

Isn’t that what we all want?

Isn’t that why we are here?


It’s always out of reach.

The train don’t stop.

It doesn’t wait for you.


Is not your heart fixed on something beyond the horizon?

You think you can see it glimmering at the edge of your perception.

What happened to seizing the moment?

What happened to living in the now?

Look out of the cabin window,

Is it not beautiful?

All that exists,

All that moves,

All that is.


Take a step back and see.

The proximity of the light.

The distant stars grow dim.

Focus child!

Waiting for the final stop, is waiting in vain.

Nothing awaits you there, if you have no journey to cherish.

Tell me about your journey?

Sing me your song.

It may be over soon.


It was a beautiful day.

The sun shone,

The birds sang,

I was glad to be alive.


Where are you headed child?

Where are you going this moment?

Find a reason to smile and be glad.

This is a moment.


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